Smart WIFI IR Remote Control


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The smart WiFi remote control is a smart home automation device that revolutionizes smart home automation. Through a wireless connection to your home network, it grants you full control of various appliances from your smartphone. Effortlessly adjust lighting, temperature, and electronic devices remotely, enhancing comfort and convenience. With scheduled timers and alexa voice assistant compatibility, you can create personalized routines that suit your lifestyle. Energy-efficient features promote sustainability, allowing you to monitor power consumption and make informed choices. Its user-friendly interface and secure encryption ensure a seamless and safe smart home system experience, empowering you to manage your living spaces effortlessly.

REMOTELY CONTROL YOUR TV / AC: Smart WiFi remote control can record and transmit infrared signals anytime and anywhere, control TV, fans, air conditioners, and home appliances by mobile phones, tablets, etc. Suitable for Amazon Echo, and for Google Home Assistant, which makes your life smarter.

SUPPORTED BY TUYA / SMART LIFE: Download the app to your phone and control your home IR device under a 2.4GHz WiFi network. For iPhone and for Android phone, can achieve smart control and enjoy smart home automation.

VOICE CONTROL, HANDS-FREE: For Alexa and for Google Home Assistant, work with them, you can control your home appliance with just one voice command. Your voice commands can help you, without the need to manually.

CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Turn on the air conditioner and use your fingertips to set the changes on your phone. It can help you finish your work even if you are outdoors. Automatically executed according to various conditions, such as weather, temperature, humidity, sunrise, and sunset.

Compatibility: Suitable for Android 4.4 or above and for iOS 8.0 or above. Based on for TUYA smart home platform, it can be used with most TUYA smart products.

What You Get: 1 CONNECTIFY Smart Wi-Fi Remote Control, our risk-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service. [Tech support:]. You can also follows us on facebook.


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