Smart WIFI Motion Sensor


Smart Wifi Motion Sensor

Enjoy the smart life of the future: Smart Wifi motion sensor will push notification message to your phone when there’s unexpected movement at home, office, bedrooms, garage anywhere you install it, so you can discover the intruder in time. Furthermore, you could share the smart sensor to your families and track the history of sensor activities.

Enhancing Home Security: One of the primary functions of a Smart WiFi Motion Sensor is to bolster your home’s security. Imagine receiving real-time alerts on your smartphone the moment unexpected motion is detected, whether you’re at work or on vacation. This instant notification empowers you to take immediate action, alerting authorities or accessing your security camera feed to assess the situation.

Easy installation: No Complicated installation tools are required. The sensor can be installed with double-sided adhesive tape or screws (included) in just a few steps. Download the “TUYA / Smart life” app from Google Play or App Store to add the device to detect the status of unexpected movement. (Notice the image left side)

Please note: The 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi router is the sole compatibility option for the Smart Wifi motion sensor. Motion capture up to 16 feet is achievable by adjusting the sensor with the quick tilt magnetic ball mount. Additionally, a notification is sent to your phone when movement is detected, facilitated by the sensor’s extra-wide 120-degree coverage. Moreover, 3xAAA batteries power the smart sensor, enabling continuous operation for 6 months in 2 min mode.

Installation Manual: Before installing the smart sensor, it is recommended to first read the connecting steps featured in an image or the instruction manual within the package.

What You Get:  CONNECTIFY Wi-Fi Smart Plug, our risk-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service. [Tech support:]. You can follow us on facebook.


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