Siren Alarm

Product Name: Siren Alarm

Alarm siren, make sounds Compatible with smoke sensor, gas sensor, water sensor, help to warn people from danger.
Z-wave protocol
Working Voltage: DC5V/1A(AAA 1.2V*4)
Alarm Current: <200mA
Alarm Loudness: 80-110dB
Working Temperature:0-50C
Humidity: .80°/0
Transmission speed: 9.6/40/100kbps
Linkage with door sensor/motion sensor etc. When sensor triggered, siren alarm will make noise

Code: —

Smart SOS Tag SOS. Unlock, $ Scenario Combination

Suitable for elderly and young children
Z-wave protocol
Compatible with all Z-wave devices
For emergency, press the SOSO tag, all
family members will receive the message immediately
Operation Range: indoor 30M/ Outdoor 50M
Power Source: 1xCR2025-75m Ah
Operating Temperature: 0`40c
Standby Consumption:<5uA
Size: 65x44x18mm