Real customer stories

Real customers share their stories of how CONNECTIFY professionals helped
save their lives.

Rhonda Berwick’s Story

“I just wanted to share a story where I was extremely pleased to have CONNECTIFY as our security provider.

Last Friday, June 9th, the power went off at 3:45am due to a storm. At 4:15 am, our alarm went off because the sump alarm that reports moisture did its job! It woke me up and I immediately went down to check.

I was able to start manually bailing out the sump and prevented our basement from flooding. A house down the street wasn’t so lucky.

This instance alone has proved to me the value of having CONNECTIFY help secure our home!”

Laura LeBlanc’s Story

“I was baking cookies on the main floor of my house. I got a phone call and was sidetracked. Went to the second floor to chat and forgot all about baking the cookies!

Next thing I knew was the sound of a fire truck. I looked out the window. They were at my house! I went downstairs and found the house engulfed in smoke! I went outside to meet the firemen.

I didn’t realize the cookies were burnt to a crisp and I could have been trapped upstairs by fire. My CONNECTIFY smoke detector alerted the fire department!”

Esther Turner’s Story

“The fire truck was there within three minutes. I was impressed! I had an overflow of some fat on the stove and there was a lot of smoke all of a sudden, and the alarms went off blaring!

I had time to open up one window, and then I had to get out of the house.

It could have been much worse! Thank you, CONNECTIFY, for perfect response time!”

Sylvie Angus’ Story

“On New Year’s Eve day, CONNECTIFY alerted the fire department when our CO levels were over 250 ppm.

All our other CO monitors failed and we didn’t smell a thing. Thank you, CONNECTIFY! You may have saved our lives!”

Dennis Boudreau and Reza Kashiloo’s Story

“My name’s Dennis Boudreau. I’m an installation technician for CONNECTIFY here.

Knowing that I worked on a system that helped save the lives of a family gives me an immense sense of pride. It’ll be a story that I can tell people from this day on. It’s just a great feeling!”

Andrea Rose’s Story

“CONNECTIFY was there for me in January when I was attacked in my home. I managed to break free and push the emergency button. Police and ambulance were sent to my home.

For three days following the assault, CONNECTIFY called to check on me. I’m very grateful and pleased with the company.

Thank you, CONNECTIFY!”