Smart Wall Socket


Smart Wall Socket

Remote Control: Smart wall socket seamlessly control appliances and any plug in devices, energy monitoring, voice command and much more.

Scheduling and Timers: Additionally, set schedules to effortlessly automate when your devices turn on or off, effectively helping you save energy.

Scene Creation: Moreover, create customized scenes that efficiently activate multiple devices with a single command or tap.

Zigbee and WiFi Connectivity: Moreover, benefit from the advantages of Zigbee and WiFi connectivity options.

Easy Installation: What’s more, the user-friendly installation process allows the switch to often seamlessly replace existing standard switches.

Family Sharing: You can share your device with your family. Each person can control the switch of each light individually. .

Add More Features with IFTTT:‘ If this, then that’ is a free web-based service the lets you do amazing thins with your appliances, turn lamps, fans or other electronics on before you get home or off when you leave, with IFTTT

What You Get:  When you choose CONNECTIFY’s Smart home automation devices you benefit from a risk free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service. For technical support, you can reach out via email: Stay connected with us on facebook for updates and information.

Experience the convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced control that Connectify‘s smart home automation brings to your daily life.


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