Smart WIFI Fan Dimmer Switch


Connectify’s Smart Wifi Fan Dimmer switch offers a wide range of innovative features to enhance your Smart Home:

Key Features: Smart Wifi Fan Dimmer switch offers energy efficiency, app controlled, dimmable lighting, and seamless integration gives a glimpse into the future of smart home automation .

Voice Control: Moreover, Connectify smart home automation devices provides voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home/Google Assistant to turn on and turn off the fans.

Control from anywhere with TUYA APP: Users can use a smartphone to remotely turn on/off lights or adjust brightness at anytime and anywhere via APP.

Premium quality Made of flame-resistant ABS shell and toughened glass panel that ensures good durability.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google Home / IFTTT: Control smart wifi fan dimmer switch via voice through Alexa / Google home device.

Timing function Supports timer on/off function and it can set many groups of timer settings.

Support multi-user control: Smart fan dimmer switch can be controlled/shared by multi-phones and one phone can control several switches.

Scene Creation: Additionally, create customized scenes that efficiently activate multiple devices with a single command or tap.

Zigbee and WiFi Connectivity: Moreover, benefit from the advantages of Zigbee and WiFi connectivity options.

Easy Installation: What’s more, the user-friendly installation replace existing standard switches without the need for extensive wiring modifications.

Family Sharing: You can share your devices with your family. Each person can control the switch of each fan individually. .

What You Get:  When you choose CONNECTIFY’s Smart home automation devices you benefit from a risk free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service. For technical support, you can reach out via email: Stay connected with us on facebook for updates and information.

Experience the convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced control that Connectify‘s smart home automation devices brings to your daily life.


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