Smart WIFI Door Sensor


Smart Wifi Door Sensor

Enjoy the smart life of the future: Smart WiFi door sensor works with your smart home ecosystem.

These sensors integrate smoothly into well-known systems, enriching your entire home automation experience.

Find the perfect fit for your setup, from Google Home to Amazon Alexa. Bid farewell to worries about door security and assume command of your home’s protection.

Unleash the potential of a connected living space where security and convenience blend seamlessly.

Enhancing Home Security:Imagine your smartphone receiving real-time alerts the moment it detects an unexpected door opening.

Easy installation: Moreover, no Complicated installation tools are required.

Please note: The 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi router is the sole compatibility option for the Connectify’s Smart Home Automation Wifi Devices.

Installation Manual: Additionally, before installing the smart sensor, it is recommended to first read the connecting steps featured in an image or the instruction manual.

What You Get: When you choose CONNECTIFY’s Smart home automation devices you benefit from a risk free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service. For technical support, you can reach out via email: Stay connected with us on facebook for updates and information.

Experience the convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced control that Connectify‘s smart home automation devices brings to your daily life.


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